About our enterprise

 Wood NDT Ltd. is established in 2011. We have worked closely with nondestructive methods since 2008. After years of study we came up with an interesting idea of helping to preserve more wood in buildings. This issue is very important in wooden cultural heritages. Thanks to the project “FaBBi” of  INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013 we were able to ascertain the needs for this kind of research methods.

The strength of our enterprise lays on top of specialists with engineering skills in wood science and owning top-class research devices. Beyond that we are very mobile and can assure fast delivery of our services and products. Our progress in this field is guaranteed by constant participation in professional conferences and taking part in research studies in various institutes and labs in USA and European Union. We are also associated with different projects of European Union, in addition to the “FaBBi” project we are also involved in COST Action FP1101 that deals with the assessment, reinforcement and monitoring of timber structures (